Feeling unsure about filing a report? You have options.

Reporting for Yourself

If you are involved in an incident involving discrimination or sexual violence, you have several options.

If you are not ready to report, you can talk with a confidential resource for additional support and to discuss options.

If you want to report, but don’t want to share your identity, you can report anonymously (see below).

If you want to report, but don’t wish to fill out the form yourself, you can confide in a trusted Northeastern employee or NUPD. Northeastern employees are mandatory university reporters, so they can report on your behalf.

You can also report to local authorities including NUPD and the local police.

Reporting for a Friend / Peer / Community Member

Non-confidential university employees are required to report any incidents of discrimination or sexual violence that they become aware of.

If you are a student, and someone you know shares information about discrimination or sexual violence, we urge you to file a report with the OUEC or offer to help them get connected to confidential resources. You can learn more about supporting a friend on our Support for Students page.

If you have safety concerns for the person who shared information with you, call 911 and NUPD immediately.

Anonymous Reports

You can choose to file a report anonymously.

The report will be reviewed and documented, but the university’s ability to investigate anonymous reports may be limited when the identity of the complainant is unknown.

When filling out the form anonymously, only fill in the details you are comfortable sharing. You do not have to log in or put down personal information.

If you wish to communicate with the OUEC, but remain anonymous, provide a generic email in the report. This will allow the OUEC to provide available resources and ask unanswered questions via email that could aid in the investigation of the allegations.

Questions or Concerns about reporting?

With any questions or concerns about reporting, reach out to the Office for University Equity and Compliance at ouec@northeastern.edu or call us at 617-373-4644. You can also reach us in person on Boston’s campus in 125 Richards Hall.

For immediate information, check out our FAQs and Resources pages.